Booking Methods

Online at

  • Online booking is available for most events.
  • Tickets purchased online will be available for collection from the box office in advance or on the day of the event.
  • You will be sent a booking confirmation email please ensure you bring this with you to collect your tickets.

In Person

Visit our Box Office during our opening times: Tues – Sat, 10am – 4.30pm. The venue and the box office will open 45mins before evening events.

By Phone

Tel: 01483 278000
Call us during opening hours with your Visa or Mastercard ready. If you choose to keep your tickets at the box office for safe keeping please be sure to please bring your card as proof of identity when collecting them.

Please note that we cannot reserve tickets for any of our events

Conditions of Sale

Refunds, Resales & Cancellations
Once purchased, tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged, refunded or returned unless the event is cancelled by Cranleigh Arts Centre or the events promoter. We regret that we cannot resell returned tickets for any of our events.
In the event of the cancellation of an event by the venue/promoter/Act of God (ie a cancellation due to circumstances beyond our control), Cranleigh Arts Centre will only refund the face value of the ticket.
No duplicate tickets will be issued to replace lost or stolen tickets. Customers are advised to check their purchase upon receipt.

In Advance Tickets

Discounted ‘in advance’ tickets (when advertised) must be purchased before close of Centre’s opening hours on the day before the event.

Children’s Events & Babes in Arms

Children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult for all events.
For children’s shows and films only: should you wish to attend performances with an infant aged below 1 year, the infant would be defined as a ‘babe in arms’, a seat will not be allocated and the infant should be accommodated on a parent or guardian’s lap. Babes in arms tickets are not available for other shows.

Ticket Levy

Since April 2016, a small ticket levy is added to all individual ticket prices. This fee helps us to cover the costs of our administration and technology. Alongside other revenues the ticket levy helps us to stay an effective business which, in turn, allows us to reinvest in our venue, our technology and continually improve the services we provide. The ticket levy is included regardless of payment method and is in line with current industry practice for theatres and venues. Please note, all published prices are inclusive of the ticket levy and VAT. Refunds of the ticket levy will only be applicable in the event of the show/event being cancelled by us.

Latecomers/Disruptive Audience Members

To ensure performances start on time, latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the programme. Anyone who becomes disruptive may be asked to leave the auditorium. Cranleigh Arts Centre reserves the right to refuse admission.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We want to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience when visiting our venue. Aggressive, violent or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Individuals behaving in this manner will be reported to the police.


Concession tickets are only available when advertised.

Other Important Information

  • For events advertised outside of our opening hours (10am – 4.30pm Tue-Sat) please note that the venue, box office, coffee bar and licensed bar will open 45mins before the start time of the event.
  • Please make yourself aware of the seating arrangements for individual events when booking. If you are unsure, please check with the box office.
  • Standing events have limited seating in the balcony and gallery area of the auditorium offered on a first come first served basis.
  • Cranleigh Arts Centre reserves the right to make changes to the programme. Please check details when booking.
  • The use of cameras and any form of audio or visual recording equipment is strictly forbidden.
  • Only beverages purchased at Cranleigh Arts Centre’s bars may be consumed on the premises.
  • Cranleigh Arts Centre adopts a No Smoking Policy throughout the building.

Joining Our Mailing List & E-News

By signing up to our mailing list and e-newsletter you agree for us to keep your contact details on file and to send you regular updates on all our events via the details you provide. We use an online service to manage our e-newsletter subscribers. If you wish to unsubscribe please follow this link: Unsubscribe from our newsletter

Privacy Policy

Cranleigh Arts Centre is committed to upholding the Data Protection principles of good practice in compliance with GDPR legislation. When processing your booking we will ask you for your name, address and telephone number. These details will be held on our database and used to keep you informed about the event for which you have booked. If you would like to receive information about our upcoming events, let us know when you book or join our mailing list. The details we take are for internal use only and at no time do we give out addresses to a third parties.

Terms & Conditions of Hire

To download a copy, click here.

Introduction Cranleigh Arts Centre is licensed by the Waverley Borough Council for arts and entertainment events.
Cranleigh Arts Centre (hereafter referred to as ‘the Centre’) conforms to certain rules and regulations for the protection of the public and the conditions of hire have been devised for the benefit and protection of the Hirer(s) as well as the Centre. Upon completion of the application form, the Hirer of the premises enters into a legally enforceable contract. This needs to be understood from the outset.

The Hirer referred to in this document means him/herself and his/her employees, agents, sub-contractors, artistes, guests or any other party concerned with or invited to the event.

Accounts & Settlement Bookings will only be confirmed when the deposit has been paid and the booking form has been completed correctly and returned to the Centre. A provisional booking will be held for a maximum of four weeks in which time the booking forms and deposit must be returned. Hirer should note that the premises must only be used for the purpose stated on the application form. The Centre cannot guarantee the supply of any items requested after the booking form has been signed and returned.

A deposit of 50% of the full hire fee (including VAT) must be paid with the return of the hire agreement. The balance of the full hire fee must be paid 28 days before the event takes place. Cancellation or postponement by the Hirer will only be accepted by the Centre in writing.

The following cancellation charges will apply for single events:

  • More than 28 days notice – 50% of hire fee
  • Less than 28 days notice – 100% of full hire fee

The following cancellation charges will apply for weekly hirers:

  • More than 28 days – administration fee 20% of full hire fee
  • Less than 28 days – 100% of full hire fee

Charges will be in accordance with the current fees and charges tariff.

If, before the letting, the Centre considers that the event is likely to prove of an objectionable or undesirable nature or contrary to the details of hire listed in the Centre’s application form, the Centre shall have the authority to recommend that the application be cancelled without payment or compensation. The Hirer may also forfeit the hire charge.

A full account of all sales for the event will be supplied to you within 30 days of the completion of the event together with an invoice for the Centre’s commission and/or any other Centre charges. All charges are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. Balance due to the hirer following settlement will be payable by BACS on receipt of a VAT invoice detailing the Hirer’s bank account details and completion and return of a PRS declaration form.

Tickets The Centre shall produce the event tickets. By prior agreement, the Hirer may sell these tickets at other venues for the event. Any tickets taken from the box office to be sold by the promoter must be signed out by the Duty Manager. The Hirer is to provide names and contact numbers for two people available to answer queries on tickets.

If by prior agreement, the Hirer sells tickets, the unsold tickets are to be produced to the box office the day before the event commences. Failure to produce the tickets could result in an administration charge being levied to the Hirer. The Hirer will be given a receipt for return of tickets by the Duty Manager, which should be produced as proof of receipt.

No person other than a bona fide cast member will be allowed admission to the Centre without a seat ticket or approval by the Centre Manager. The Hirer must make known to the Centre Manager, the names and numbers of helpers or participants that require access to the Centre and/or seats in the auditorium, 14 days prior to booking. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that licensing capacity limits for the room hired are not exceeded.
All Hirers selling all, or part of the ticket allocation will need to contact the box office with regard to disabled usage. ALL disabled tickets are to be sold via the Centre’s Box Office.

Marketing Any marketing undertaken before a signed contract is returned will nevertheless be recharged. This may include print design and production. For all hired events, the Hirer is responsible for marketing. Any print supplied with incorrect details will be amended and the cost recharged to the hirer.


The Centre’s Liability The Centre cannot accept responsibility for any loss by, or damage to, or consequential loss by or damage to, you or your agents, employees, customers or guests. The liability of the Centre in the event of any loss by, damage to, or consequential loss or damage to you or your agents, employees, customers or guests through the cancellation of the hire no matter how caused, is limited to a full or partial refund of the hire fee at the discretion of the Centre. In the case of strike, lock-out, failure of supply of water, gas, or electricity of acts of God, which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the event interrupted or cancelled, the Centre will not be held responsible and a refund will only be payable by the Centre in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Centre.
The Hirer’s Liability The Hirer is responsible for all damage to the premises and facilities hired and any property in the Centre, which occurs during the period of hire or while persons are entering or leaving the Centre pursuant to the hire, however or by whomever caused. Breakages or other damage so caused to the Centre’s property will be charged to the Hirer. In some cases the Centre will require a deposit prior to the event.
The Centre shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to any property arising out of the hiring nor for any loss damage or injury which may be incurred by or be done or happen to any person or persons resorting to the Centre during the hiring and arising from any cause whatsoever. You are advised to effect public liability insurance to cover any loss by or damage to your agents, customers, employees or guests. You must observe the conditions of the Centre’s various licences including its:

  • Public Entertainment’s Licence
  • Theatre Licence
  • Performing Right Society Licence
  • Magistrates’ Licence Copies of these licences are available for inspection at any reasonable time.

Cranleigh Arts Centre reserves the right of its authorised representatives or for the Police to access all parts of the premises for the purposes of preserving good order.


Furniture and Fixings Hirers are not permitted to move any of the fixtures and fittings between rooms without permission.
Smoking The Centre is a non-smoking building throughout.

Alcohol The sale and consumption of alcohol in the Centre is strictly controlled by the conditions of our magistrates’ licence. You must not:

  • Bring alcohol on to the premises for sale
  • Bring alcohol on to the premises for consumption by your agents, employees, customers or guests without the prior agreement of the Cranleigh Arts Centre Ltd. In these circumstances a charge will be made.

Consume alcohol anywhere in the Centre other than in an area specifically set aside for that purpose. Drinks beverages supplied by Cranleigh Arts Centre to The Hirer will be recorded and added to your invoice at account settlement. Any beverages not supplied by Cranleigh Arts Centre will incur a charge for corkage and charged to your account for inclusion on your invoice at settlement. Please note that no drinks should be taken from the bar without permission of the Duty Manager and unless agreed by the Centre Manager you will be charged standard bar prices and invoiced.

Health and Safety Health and Safety is an issue in which all persons at the Centre should have an interest. The Centre has a published Health and Safety policy which you, by agreeing your hire, are deemed to have accepted. It should be noted that any activity which, in the view of the Centre, through its appointed agent, conflicts with the Centre’s Health and Safety policy may result in the cancellation of the hire without notice or refund.

The Hirer is responsible for keeping a record of the number of attendees at their event which is to be made available to Cranleigh Arts Centre upon request. Hirers must ensure that the maximum capacities for each room are not exceeded.

No disco smoke, vapour producing machines or naked flames are permitted within the building. The Centre reserves the right to remove other items deemed a health and safety risk.

Please make sure room is clean and tidy when you leave, do not pour any dangerous chemicals down the sink or put anything dangerous in the bin.
The Hirer shall notify a representative of Cranleigh Arts Centre immediately of any accident of injury which has taken place at their Event.
Fire and Evacuation Procedure You must examine the Fire Action and Evacuation Procedures displayed in all rooms at the Centre. You must also keep a list of your guests to bring to your designated assembly point in the event of evacuation. The session leader is responsible for the safety of the participants and must help to ensure that they are clear of the building in the case of the fire alarm sounding. The Centre, or its appointed agent, reserves the right to examine this list at any time. In the event of a fire or evacuation for any reason the liability of the Centre to you, your agents, employees, customers or guests is limited to a full or partial refund or the hire fee, at the discretion of the Centre. Fire doors are to remain fully closed at all other times and are not to be used for general access.

Access You may have access to the hired space during the agreed hours of the hire only. Hirers are under an obligation to include sufficient time to access, set-up their event within and leave the premises within their booking. All visitors should, in the first place, call at the Box Office. Persons arriving prior to the agreed start time may be required to wait outside the hired space or the building. You are required to depart the hired space, taking all your equipment, furniture etc, by the agreed end time. Normal access is via the foyer, which has entrances from the car park and at the front of the building. After normal opening times, front doors will be closed. The building is fully accessible to disabled visitors.
Security You are not to leave outside doors open and unattended. The Centre reserves to right to book security should it deem that the event warrants it. The Hirer will be informed and the cost for this will be passed on to the Hirer.
Cleanliness You must leave the space as tidy as it was when you arrived and should consult the Duty Manager when you leave. All equipment must be returned to its original position. Any additional cleaning required will be carried out by Centre staff and will be charged at the prevailing rate plus VAT.
Kitchen The kitchen may be hired out for the storage and preparation of food or for cleaning but CAC always reserves right of access for general or commercial operations. No hirer without a basic food hygiene certificate is to use oven facilities. The kitchen must be left in a clean and hygienic state and all appliances must be switched off. All bookings requiring the use of cooking equipment ie. gas cooker, is required to supply a £50 deposit refundable upon leaving the area in a satisfactory state after your event. The Centre reserves the right to levy a charge to cover the cost of cleaning if deemed necessary.
Café Facilities The Centre provides coffee bar facilities and the Hirer may not bring additional consumable food and drink items onto the premises without the prior agreement of the Centre. The Centre retains the right to charge a fee for this usage. Please note no consumables can be taken into the coffee bar or gallery area, which are restricted to items bought within the Centre.

Bar If agreed at the time of booking, the Centre may allow use of its licensed bar during normal licensing hours.

Electrical Equipment The Centre cannot take responsibility for any damage to any person caused by electrical equipment provided by you. It should be noted that the Centre may make charges for the use of electrical equipment which use excessive amounts of electricity. For safety reasons any equipment brought into the venue must be accompanied by a Portable Appliance Test Certificate. No excessive or unnecessary use of the Centre’s electricity will be tolerated ie. charging of personal electrical equipment.

Parking Due to the capacity of our car park we regret it is solely for the use of Centre staff, tutors, private hirers and disabled visitors only. Please make this known to any attendees to your event. The disabled bays are solely for the use of blue badge holding visitors to our Centre.

Intellectual Property Cranleigh Arts Centre has been designated as a ‘Provincial Theatre’ by the Performing Rights Society (PRS) and Hirers are responsible for copyright fees for any music performed or broadcast at Cranleigh Arts Centre. Cranleigh Arts Centre recoups PRS costs from Hirers who must complete a PRS form where applicable. Cranleigh Arts Centre reserves the right to withhold payments due to The Hirer until receipt of a duly completed PRS declaration form.

Hirers are responsible for ensuring that their Event does not infringe copyright and indemnify Cranleigh Arts Centre against any charges arising from their breach of copyright.

Noise The Centre is in a residential area and thus you are requested during the period of your hire to minimise noise and inconvenience to our neighbours.
Public Order You must ensure that you, your agents, customers and guests maintain public order throughout the period of your hire. In the event of a breach of public order the Centre, through its appointed agent, reserves the right to discontinue the hire immediately. Under these circumstances you, your agents, employees, customers and guests may be required to leave the premises without notice or refund.

Fly Posting Hirers should note that Fly Posting is a criminal offence and if an enforcement action is taken against Cranleigh Arts Centre, the Hirer will be joined as a party to the proceedings and Cranleigh Arts Centre will seek full recovery of any fine and legal costs.