• 25th Oct 2024
  • 11:30am
  • £14.00

about this event

"There once lived a mouse under the floorboards of a creaky old house. But on one usual day, atop a hat, an adventure ensues in an unusual way! "


A heart-warming tale of a timid mouse who finds that his courage and a friend, Sam, were there all along.


Join our timid mouse in an interactive storytelling show. Your little ones will love to explore and discover the world through his eyes as he finds a way to play and be brave.'


An original tale for 0-5’s, written and told by Hannah Summers and illustrations by Jo Hathaway with interactive role-play and sensory , creative exploration (45 mins show)


Please note, all infants over one month old require a ticket as this show is specifically aimed at babies and pre-schoolers.


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