• 29th Aug 2024
  • 7:30pm
  • £10.00

about this event

Captain John Tye was one of only 134 pilots to ever fly Concorde for British Airways in the whole 27 years the supersonic airliner was in service.

What started as a summer holiday job before going to university turned into a 46-year career taking him to the pinnacle of aviation and ‘the edge of space.’

John had a most uncertain start in life in a Middlesex orphanage and has had a lifelong battle with a rare medical condition affecting his legs. Now in retirement, he spends his time inspiring young people to spread their wings and chase their dreams and ambitions.

John will tell us much about Concorde, the world’s only successful supersonic airliner, take us through the toughest training course in aviation and on a virtual flight from London to New York. He’ll share many amusing anecdotes along the way and leave us believing that Concorde was the greatest icon of the 20th century.

John’s best-selling memoir of the same name has been critically acclaimed and a book signing session will follow his presentation.


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