• 18th Nov 2023
  • 8:00pm
  • £17.00

about this event

Isosceles presents


No-one ever stayed in the dark, brooding house for very
long. There was something wrong there, very wrong. A brilliant doctor takes up
residence only to die violently. What is the terrible secret hidden behind the doors
of the house by the river?
When the dead man's brother decides to investigate he sets in motion a chain of
events which will eventually lead him into a vortex of terror.
He pursues the truth through the gas-lit, fog-filled streets of Victorian
London until eventually he is forced to confront the horrifying truth.
There in the flickering shadows of the house of fear the secret of his
brother's death is finally revealed and he finds that perhaps death is only the

The same company that brought you 'The Man Who Left the Titanic' last year

A chilling mystery
Written by Patrick Prior        Directed
by Jim Dunk
Performed by Pat Abernethy and  Dave

'If you like ghost stories, haunted houses and hansom cabs
dashing across London, dash to this….this haunting tale makes for a seriously
creepy evening…..spine chilling…. an extremely creepy ending.'

'A stark staging with graveside solemnity, shadowy
silhouettes, ghostly shrieks and murmuring voices in which two men are scared
out of their wits by past events too horrible to contemplate'



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