• 6th Apr 2024
  • 10:30am
  • £7.00

about this event

In 2008, Chris and Denise were on assignment in Texas. On a motorcycle trip their Harley-Davidson was hit head-on by a drunk driver who veered across the road at 80mph. Critically injured, they both lost their left legs above the knee. However, with the support of family, friends, their church and faith, they’ve both made a remarkable recovery and lead extraordinarily full lives. They both resumed their vocations and Chris returned to endurance sports as a para-athlete. HIGHWAY 35 was released in the UK and USA in 2022. Chris and Denise say, “We wrote this book because we know that life doesn't always go to plan. There are bumps in the road, some worse than others and some a lot worse than ours. But, whatever you're facing, it's our prayer that HIGHWAY 35 will help you to meet disaster head-on with hope.” And from Pete Greig's words in the Foreword: “Whatever struggles you are facing, I am confident that there is something here for you.”


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