• 1st Apr 2023
  • 12:00pm
  • £60.00

about this event

£60  12pm - 4pm

An introduction to Batik, a little history about the magic of this Indonesian textile and a chance to make your own piece of art using this traditional technique. Batik is a wax resist dye process that has been treasured by the Indonesians as a part of their heritage. There are different approaches to applying the wax, within this workshop you would use brush or tjanting tools dipped into a central bowl of melted wax which is then used to draw onto your fabric. Once the wax is dry, dye can be painted into the design and finally the wax is heated out to reveal your Batik design. This can be mounted as a piece of art or used as creatively as you wish. For further info please feel free to call Libby 07967704760.


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